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Fresh Memories

Director/Editor- Christian Lee (Korean, 17)

Cinematographer- Yeseo Cho (Korean, 18)

Writer- Jacob Sung (Korean, 17)

Translators- Maxwell Wang (Chinese, 17) and Angela Zheng (Chinese, 17)

Assistance from Jonathan Hyun (Korean, 17) and Charles Kim (Korean, 17)


Since the first Chinese restaurant in America opened its doors in 1849, Asian cuisine began its course of shaping the cultural landscape of America. Traditions continue to meld together today in the form of a new twist on an old drink - Boba tea.

Fresh Memories features Terry and Eddy, cousins and co-owners of For Good Tea. Hand-making their boba and steeping their tea leaves each morning, they serve their community to form their identity. Watch the documentary to see what’s its like and what they have to say.


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